About Paya Resin® CO activities

• In 1992

We start our work as a water based emulsion resin manufacturer such as Wood Glue , PVAc , Acrylic Resins and Urea Formaldehyde. On that moment our company was from first protagonists of resin industries of Iran.

• In 2000

We established new manufacturing site at Mobarakeh Industrial Zone to be the first producer of to expand capacity of manufacturing for various industries such as textile , paint , contraction and etc in Iran. Also we joined Resin manufactures Association of Iran and continue our activities as quality developer in sector

• In 2004

We build up our Research & Development center and start our collaborative development activities to expand our knowledge and our processes to help our customers to improve their product quality .

• In 2008

We finished building Iran’s first XSBR Latex plant at Mobarakeh industrial zone . Meanwhile we continue our research for developing butadiene based emulsion polymers and their related consumer market products such as oil , asphalt , paper and etc.

• And now

Expansion of products and new Latex plant.